Install Google Earth

To view Google Earth data included with the Kunene River Awareness Kit you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer.

Follow these steps to install Google Earth:

  1. Click on this link to start the installation process
  2. You will see a file save dialog. Click on the "save file" button.
  3. In the downloads window, double click on the GoogleEarth-Win-Standalone-5.1.3509.4636.exe.
  4. Click OK to open the executable file
  5. Click on "Run" to confirm that you would like to run the installation program (note: you may need Administrator privledges to install the software)
  6. Follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation

If these instructions do not work, open the /CD_Utils/GoogleEarth/ folder on the CD-ROM and select the installation program to use.

Go back to the Kunene Basin in Google Earth