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Climate Change and Impact on Water Use  

Even though predictions of the future climate in southern Angola and northern Namibia are still uncertain when it comes to the finer details, most climate models predict:

  • An increase of maximum temperatures;
  • A prolonged dry season;
  • Increase of humidity and convection; and
  • Increase of rainfall intensity.

The climate simulation models predict that drought events will become more frequent as a consequence of climate change. It is also predicted that convective rainfall will increase in late summer, which means that large amounts of rainfall can be expected in a shorter period late in the rainy season. This will most likely lead to more frequent floods in the region particularly when coupled with similar increases in late summer rainfall in Angola and Zambia. However, at this stage a 10 to 20 % decrease in annual rainfall is predicted for Angola and Zambia. The contribution of this rainfall to floods in the region depends on the timing and intensity of these rainfalls.

A discussion of impact of expected climate change on the water use sectors as well as the anticipated adaptation and mitigation strategies in the Kunene River basin is contained in the Climate Change in the Basin section.

Increased severity and frequency of tropical storms is one of the predicted impacts of climate change.
Source: GTZ 2008
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