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The River Basin
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 Principles of Water Quality
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Qualitative Characteristics
 Human Impacts on Water Quality
Ecology & Biodiversity



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Qualitative Water Characteristics  

Apart from its essential biological role for sustaining life, water also has important spiritual, cultural, and religious (qualitative) values. These aspects deserve recognition and protection in their own right because of the role they play in enhancing our quality of life, even in an indirect way.

The presence of dragonflies indicates a healthy ecosystem.
Source: Hillewaert 2007
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A well functioning ecosystem is rich in biodiversity and in itsels can be a thing of beauty. Some examples of aesthetically important areas in the Kunene River basin include:

  • Ruacana Falls;
  • Epupa Falls;
  • Otjindjangi River Valley (potential World Heritage);
  • Kunene River Mouth Wetland Ecosystem;
  • Bicuar National Park; and
  • Iona National Park.

While good water quality has direct value to tourism and recreation, it is equally significant for the spiritual and Cultural Practices of the people living in the Kunene basin.




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