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The River Basin
Climate and Weather
 Principles of Climate and Weather
 Hydrologic Cycle
 Climate Variability
 Climate Classification
 Water Scarcity
 Climate of the Kunene Basin
 The Regional Climate
 Climate Patterns in the Basin
 Climate Variability in the Basin
 Climate Classification in the Basin
 Water Scarcity in the Basin
 Drought in the Basin
 Rainwater Harvesting
 Climate Change
 Climate Change in the Basin
Water Quality
Ecology & Biodiversity



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Climate and Weather  

Climate is perhaps the single most important driver with respect to determining the amount, distribution and to some extent, the availability of water in the environment. The climate of a particular region is affected by its latitude, terrain, altitude, ice or snow cover, as well as nearby water bodies and their currents. Climate is commonly defined as the weather averaged over a period of around 30 years.

The temporal and spatial distribution of water, the intensity of precipitation, and temperatures all drive elements of the hydrologic cycle and many other physical and chemical processes that shape the landscape.

There is now little argument that our global climate is changing. The questions are now focused on how, when and where these changes will take place and what the impacts will be on local environment and livelihoods.

Chapter Summary

This chapter covers the following concepts and material:

The rising sun reflected in the clouds along the Lower Kunene.
Source: Wikimedia Commons, Hillewaert 2007
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