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Climate Classification in the Basin
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Water Quality
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Climate Classification in the Basin  

Using the Köppen Climate Classification System, the Kunene River basin is divided into three classes as can be seen in the map below. This class division can be considered as very roughly corresponding to the three reaches of the river – the Upper Kunene, the Middle Kunene and the Lower Kunene.

Köppen Climate Classification for the Kunene River basin.
Source: AHT GROUP AG 2010, after University of Melbourne 2007
( click to enlarge )

In the upper half of the basin, the climate is classed as Cwb implying a temperate climate (denoted by the C) with dry winters (w) and with warmest month temperatures averaging below 22 °C (b).

Moving south and eastwards through the basin, the class changes to a category B climate. These are arid and semi-arid climates where the precipitation is less than the potential evaporation. In the middle section of the basin there is a class BSh climate indicating a semi-arid steppe with the average temperature in the coldest month above 0 °C.

The Lower Kunene is dominated by a BWh climate – a dry desert climate.

For more information on the criteria used to define the Köppen classification, please refer to the Physical website.




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