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The River Basin
Climate and Weather
 Principles of Climate and Weather
Climate of the Kunene Basin
 The Regional Climate
 Climate Patterns in the Basin
 Climate Variability in the Basin
 Climate Classification in the Basin
 Water Scarcity in the Basin
 Drought in the Basin
 Rainwater Harvesting
 Climate Change
Water Quality
Ecology & Biodiversity



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Climate of the Kunene River Basin  

Climate and geography are keys to the presence and survival of ecosystems. Geology determines the shape of the landscape (or geomorphology) and the minerals in rocks contribute to the formation of the soils in a region. The climate determines the amount of moisture in the environment and the erosion processes that take place there. The variations in altitude, relief and geography – discussed in Geography of the basin – create variations in climate within the Kunene River basin.

The climate and weather of the Kunene River basin are further discussed in terms of the following:

Climate in the Upper Kunene basin is moderate.
Source: Verelst 2005
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Lower Kunene basin has arid climate.
Source: © Ostby 2007
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