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People and the River



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People and the River  

The People and the River theme is an exploration of the diverse cultures, economic activities, livelihoods and dependencies on the environment of the urban and rural population in Angola, Namibia and the Kunene basin. This theme is subdivided into the following chapters:

  • People - presents the people in the two riparian states and the basin, their history, cultural diversity, traditional ways of life, beliefs and rites. This chapter also includes stories about water and discusses the integration of traditional knowledge into modern water management.
  • Socio-economics - explores the distribution of economic activities in the riparian states and the basin. The differences between the standard of living and access to services in urban and rural areas, including water supply and sanitation, are also presented.
  • People & Environment - discusses how the environment contributes to the well-being and livelihoods of the people in Angola, Namibia and the basin, through environmental goods and and access to water and ensuring food security.
  • Human Development Initiatives - looks at the development in the basin states in terms of the Human Development Index, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), access to water and sanitation and poverty reduction.
Women and children collecting water in the Kunene River basin.
Source: Tump 2006
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