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Rehabilitation and Future Development of Water Infrastructure  

The water resources of the Kunene basin are relatively undeveloped although there are plans to change this in the medium to long term. Along with comprehensive rehabilitation works, several interventions are being planned which will directly use the water of the Kunene River. The work currently being carried out or planned includes:

  • The rehabilitation and improvement of existing dams and weirs;
  • The rehabilitation and expansion of irrigated areas;
  • The development of hydropower schemes at Jamba Ia Oma and Jamba Ia Mina in the Upper Kunene;
  • The Kunene Transboundary Water Supply Scheme;
  • The Xangongo Water Supply Scheme; and
  • The Baynes Hydropower Project.

These works and schemes are described in more detail in the following pages.

Existing and planned infrastructure in the Kunene River basin.
Source: AHT GROUP AG 2010
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