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Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure  

The large dams and infrastructure in the basin currently have a variety of institutions responsible for the operation and maintenance, depending on the primary purpose of the dam and related infrastructure:

  • The primary responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Gove dam and Matala weir is the National Electricity Company of Angola (ENE).
  • The Calueque weir does not currently produce electricity and is managed by NamWater, which also assumes responsibility for operation and maintenance.
  • The Ruacana weir, the largest producer of electricity in the Kunene River basin is managed by NamPower.
In recent years the Government of Angola has adopted the strategy of linking winning of construction and equipment contracts for infrastructure to the responsibility of supporting their operation and maintenance. This includes training in operation and maintenance for national institutions such as the ENE.
Water intake at Gove dam, Angola.
Source: Kellner 2010
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