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Dams and Associated Infrastructure  

Dams, weirs and associated structures are critical elements of the water management system and water supply network in the Kunene River basin. They enable the storage, distribution and transfer of water within and out of the basin. They also allow hydropower to be generated along the course of the Kunene River, with a current total installed capacity along the river of around 350 MW, and a potential capacity of over 2 300 MW. All of the major hydraulic structures in the basin are in Angola.

The main dams and infrastructure currently on the Kunene River are:

  • The Gove dam;
  • The Matala weir;
  • The Calueque weir; and
  • The Ruacana diversion weir and power plant;

In addition to these, the Olushandja dam which lies outside of the basin, stores water from the Kunene River and there are several irrigated perimeters drawing water from the river and its tributaries.

Location of existing and planned infrastructure in the Kunene River basin.
Source: AHT GROUP 2010
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The dams and infrastructure of the Kunene catchment are presented in the following pages as follows:

Irrigation schemes in the basin

The location and sizes of the various impoundments and irrigated perimeters within the basin are described in Irrigation Infrastructure.




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