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Water Demand
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 Agricultural Use
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 Environmental Flow Assessment
 EFR in the Basin
 Climate Change & Impact
 Conservation and Re-use
 Water Conservation
 Water Re-use
 Re-use Example
 Water Harvesting
Water Infrastructure
The Value of Water
Resource Monitoring
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Water Demand  

Managing water demand in the Kunene River basin is complicated by the fact that there are two countries that share it, numerous sectors and services that require water and uncertainties as to the availability of water - regarding both surface water and groundwater resources and the potential mid to long term impacts of climate change. 

Chapter Summary

This chapter looks at the impacts of the following aspects on water demand in the basin:

This chapter covers the following concepts and material:

  • Water Demand Management, including basin level measures, water demand policies and strategies and the potential impacts of climate change on water demands.
  • The regulatory environment for water use in the basin states.
  • The primary water use sectors and the nature and distribution of water use in the basin.
  • Environmental Flow requirements.
  • Strategies for water conservation and re-use in the Kunene River basin.

Water reservoirs in Huambo, Angola.
Source: AHT GROUP AG 2010
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