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Virtual Water in Angola  

In 2007, Angola exported some 73 million m³ of virtual water in the form of 20 highly traded agricultural commodities, mainly in palm oil which accounted for 85 % of the calculated virtual water exports. In comparison to 2002, exports of virtual water had quintupled.

Women washing fruit - Angola
Source: Image courtesy of WEDC © Wayne Conradie (Picturing Africa)
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However, the import of virtual water in agricultural trade by far exceeded the exported quantity. In 2007, almost 3.4 billion m³ of virtual water were imported with milled rice, wheat flour and chicken meat having the largest shares, just ahead of refined sugar, sausages and soybean oil. This translates to 212 m³ per capita of net imported virtual water in agricultural trade alone.

Traded Agricultural Commodities and Virtual Water (2002, 2007)

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Source: Based on FAOSTAT and Hoekstra and Chapagain 2008




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