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PJTC Background  

The Permanent Joint Technical Commission (PJTC) was established based on Article 2.2 of the Agreement dated 21 January 1969 (the Third Water Use Agreement) to act solely in an advisory capacity, to study and report on matters relating to the Third Water Use Agreement. It was particularly instructed to oversee the implementation of development projects on the river encompassing the construction of three dams, a power station, and a pumping station. The mandate was renewed in the agreement of 1990.

The Terms of Reference of the PJTC include:

  • The revision of hydrological studies carried out by both countries;
  • Giving advice in regard to whether the works constructed in Angola by the South African authorities have been completed;
  • Submitting proposals to the two Governments concerning surveys, studies and investigations considered essential for the discharge of duties;
  • To assemble records and to initiate the collection of hydrographic data and of other hydrological measurements relating to the Kunene River and its tributaries including, as far as may be relevant, diversion and abstraction of water therefrom;
  • Undertake expert evaluation of all hydrological data;
  • Considering and reporting on conformance to any agreed principles of the Agreement;
  • Organisation of technical supervision of any approved measures of joint interest;
  • Requesting special financial and technical assistance as it considers appropriate;
  • Carrying out studies at the request of either Government and advise on proposals for the further development of the water resources of the Kunene. River basin in accordance with the principle of best joint utilization with a view to water supply, irrigation, power development, flood control, reclamation and drainage, consideration of fish and wildlife, recreation and tourism and other beneficial uses;
  • Investigating, reporting and making recommendations to the two Governments on any question they may wish jointly or individually to refer to the PJTC; and
  • Exercising any other functions allocated to the PJTC by the two Governments.

Source: Constitution of the Permanent Joint Technical Committee for the Kunene River – Terms of Reference

Rehabilitation of destroyed infrastructure is a major undertaking of PJTC.
Source: Kellner 2009
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