La NinaCondition opposite of an El Nino. In a La Nina, the tropical Pacific trade winds become very strong and an abnormal accumulation of cold water occurs in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean.
LakeInland body of water of considerable size.
Land TenureThe legal regime in which land is owned by an individual. The individual is said to 'hold' the land.
Landsat Satellite (Landsat)Oldest and most well known satellite of its kind, the first satellite in the Landsat series was launched in 1972. Subsequent satellites, with new and improved sensor technology (e.g., Thamatic Mapper) and an almost continuous data collection stream, have made Landsat the most successful civilian Earth observation program to-date.
LavaMolten magma released from a volcanic vent or fissure.
LegislationLaw that has been enacted by a governing body.
LenticelsA porous area on the surface of bark and certain fruits that allow for the exchange of gasses between inside and outside the plant.
LeveeA raised bank, natural or man-made, that contains the water within a river channel. Natural levees are formed by the deposition of sediments during floods.
LimpopoThe second largest river in southern Africa.
LithosolsA shallow soil showing minimal profile development and dominated by the presence of weathering rock and rock fragments. Lacking horizons other than an A1 (one layer only) (GSG Classification).
LithostratigraphicRelated to the geological discipline associated with the study of rock strata and formation.
LivelihoodCombination of the resources used and the activities undertaken in order to live. Resources consist of individual skills and abilities (human capital), land, savings and equipment (natural, financial and physical capital, respectively) and formal support groups or informal networks that assist in the activities being undertaken (social capital).
LivestockDomesticated animals, that may be kept or raised in pens, houses, pastures, or on farms as part of an agricultural or farming operation, whether for commerce or private use.
Low income countryGross national income per capita of USD $935 or less.
Lower basin statesCountries situated downstream or in the region of the mouth of a river.
Lower course of a riverThe lower course of a river corresponds to the region close to its mouth.
Lower KuneneThe lower portion of the Kunene catchment, the portion of the river closest to the mouth.
L├╝deritzA harbour town in southern Namibia.